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Real Estate Back Office Support Services

Zephyr is a rapidly growing provider of dependable outsourced solutions for the US real estate industry especially in the realm of title insurance, residential mortgage support solutions, US realty backoffice services. Zephyr provides quality services to title and settlement companies, mortgage firms, realtors, CRE firms, REITs, notaries, originators, lenders, investors and the secondary market.

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Our diverse mortgage support & realty outsourcing services

Appraisal Review
Appraiser Network Management
Asset Management Related Services
Commitment Typing
Closing Services
Comparables & Recent Sales
Delinquent Tax Searches
Disaster & Damage Assessment
Flood Certificates
HUD1 Preparation
Instrument Preparations
Judgment / Lien Search
Lien Release/Payoffs
Mortgage Recording Support
Pre-closing QC
Property Disclosure Reports
Property Inspections
Property Report
Review of FEMA flood maps
Scheduling and follow-up
Search & Examination Support
Tax certs
Title plant posting and indexing
Title Insurance
Title Engineering
Title Policy preparation
Trailing docs tracking
Verification reports

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Title Insurance Services
  • This requires looking for taxes, property index and general index in the title plant as well as examining the documents for chain of title and encumbrances to arrange the final report in client specified production system.
  • Title search that is limited to the present title holder, or current and previous title holders or even full statutory period of the subject property.
  • This report provides you with a list all the active liens on the said subject property and the unreleased judgments on an individual.
  • This report is based on a detailed search of information on current ownership, any existing liens or unpaid taxes, any easements, and other covenants, conditions, or restrictions as well as legal description.
  • The Trustees Sale Guarantee is a title guarantee that is issued at the beginning of foreclosure. The report consists of current owner of record vesting, judgments, liens and encumbrances, property tax information, parties required by law to be notified of foreclosure, , priority of foreclosing mortgage, bankruptcy case information, newspaper entities for publication as well as property address verification.
  • Newly recorded information from previous search effective date to the current effective date and taxes are updated with present tax findings in the update or date-down search.


Title Engineering Services
  • This involves hyper linking the plotted map and the easement documents that are listed in the exceptions, along with the preliminary report.

  • Calculating the square foot and acreage information for undefined property boundaries based on the given property ID.

  • This relates to comparing the legal description of the document with the assessor map to identify and verify the property boundaries.

  • A radius map shows the property that is the subject and all land within a selected radius of the subject property.


Closing Services
  • This report is made on the basis of the lender’s closing requirements, by collecting various fees that are associated with the financing of a property.


Realty Support Services
  • Information such as dates, financial and non-financial information are converted from  lease agreements to formats specified by the client. Based upon the requirement of the client, any information could be abstracted from these legal documents.

  • This involves research on the current tax information of the property through online / calling the tax office and making a report which includes delinquent and exemptions if there any.